Access Space Artist Residencies 2012 at Refab Space

Access SpaceAccess Space are inviting artists, composers, hackers, designers, engineers and creative technologists to explore emerging artforms and curatorial practise in Refab Space, Access Space’s DIY FabLab, and offer the opportunity to exhibit their work.

The FabLab concept was first set out by Professor Neil Gershenfeld at MIT, Boston, USA in 2005.

Their DIY approach means that Refab Space is being built inexpensively, while retaining essential facilities.

Put simply, it is the idea that with just a few pieces of technology (e.g. a 3D printer, precision laser cutter) artists can create a huge diversity of 2 and 3 dimensional physical objects designed on their computers and made from a wide variety of materials. The Refab Space is an interface between the physical and the digital worlds and a resource centre where artists can access shared equipment and facilities.

FabLab technology is in its infancy, as are the techniques and ideas associated with it. Artists can begin to explore and define a vast new area of art practise where very few have yet set foot.

Technical help and training will be offered, although some familiarity with FabLab techniques would be an advantage.

Artists should be familiar with using open source software on Linux.

Examples of the kinds of methods and materials possible are: finely tooled two and three dimensional wood, plastics and metal; 3 dimensional objects created from materials such as plastics; the creation of two and three dimensional artworks in mixed media; the integration of electronic components such as sensors, motors and circuits of various kinds into artworks.

Artists can combine any of these methods and types of materials in their work. The design information for creating the work can be saved as data on the computer and sent to other artists, curators and technicians by electronic means such as email.

For more information and to apply please visit:

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