Entelechy Arts presents Seven Ages

Entelechy Arts Entelechy ArtsHeard about Entelechy Arts? They should be on your radar as they have been making great art for the past 21 years that promotes social and cultural cohesion.

Entelechy are highly skilled in providing bridges between groups of people and individuals who lead parallel and unconnected lives.

In 2006 Entelechy created another pioneering scheme, this time to help 60 – 1000 year-olds explore themes through theatre, dance, writing and video.

Seven Ages is a weekly programme of dance, music and story-telling events with older, old people living in the Deptford and New Cross neighbourhoods of south east London, in close collaboration with a number of local groups including the Age Well Fun Club, Manley Court Residential Home, Deptford Methodist Mission and The Albany Centre.

The programme works with the generation now in their late 80s and 90s who have often been given additional years by medical science. For many this extra time is lived in loneliness and isolation. Space is created for Entelechy Artists to take time to listen to people’s individual needs, supporting people to nurture their talents and interests.

Find out more about Entelechy and their programmes for all ages at: http://www.entelechyarts.org/

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