Iceland established as creative muse to global design

A new international design project is set to cement Iceland’s position as the new creative centre of the world. As part of a unique partnership between Inspired by Iceland and London’s internationally acclaimed Chelsea College of Art and Design, the entire island is set to become the muse and source of inspiration for the world’s top creative art and design students.

Acknowledging Iceland as a country of creative flair, the lecturers will be selecting students from Chelsea College of Art and Design to travel to Iceland in a bid to be creatively stimulated by the country’s natural culture, wonder and existing creative talent.

Students in Iceland will meet the country’s most talented and innovative designers and will travel across Iceland with them as they work from a mobile creative studio.

With an ever-changing landscape and an imaginative and vibrant culture, Iceland is fast becoming recognised as one of the world’s most inspirational hotspots for the creative soul.

Iceland is fast gaining a reputation for having more creative individuals than any other country in the world. The country has more artists and published authors than anywhere else in the world and according to a recent report* by Dr Margrét Sigrún Sigurðardóttir and Tómas Young, the creative industries have remained fairly constant despite the general downturn in other sectors, with the number of full-time equivalent jobs rising over the period. In 2009 creative industries accounted for over 6 per cent of the economy’s total taxable turnover, which is more than construction, fishing and agriculture.

The government is also committed to supporting Iceland’s creative talent and through large investment have accounted for 12.5 per cent of the creative sector’s total.

Whilst using the country as a source of inspiration, the students will document their own inspirational journey, which can be viewed on and via the Inspired by Iceland social media channels.

“As a nation we embrace creativity, and design is a huge part of our culture. We’re really proud of our creative talent and we’re excited to see how some of the most talented students in the world are going to capture the inspiration they experience in Iceland,” says Inga Hlín Pálsdóttir, Director, Marketing & Visit Iceland at Promote Iceland.

“Working in close partnership with our final year Graphic Design Communication students, Inspired by Iceland is sharing and enhancing professional practice and recognising and nurturing emerging talent and design excellence. This exciting collaboration ensures that our new young designers are more creatively confident and feel valued as the next generation of directional practitioners,” says Geoff Thomas-Shaw Undergraduate Programme Director.

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