A global celebration of participatory arts – World Community Arts Day

"Money" quilt series by Kate Ransohoff. Photos by Jon Goell 2011.On 17 February 2011 thousands of people across the globe celebrated the fifth annual World Community Arts day.

Its greatest achievement so far is to show that Community Arts is a vibrant, maturing art form that has meaning in contemporary society – a voyage of discovery that has only just begun.

Andrew Crummy, founder of WCAD, reflects on the annual events growing success in the last five years.

Andrew Crummy: “Over the years I have witnessed a constant attack on community arts. People would say that it is not relevant, it was not mainstream art or proper art, its time has come and gone and the world has moved on. And so the negativity goes on and on.

“World Community Arts day asks that an individual or group celebrate the day by being creative, using the arts as a catalyst, however big or small, for an issue they wish to highlight that promotes “caring and sharing”. We also ask that the activity is recorded, broadcasted or celebrated on the internet so others can enjoy it too.”

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