Art4Space seek Arts Ambassador Activists

logoArt4Space is leading Community Arts Organisation established in 1999 by a group of 3 experienced professionals to address social, education and health issues using the arts to inspire and strengthen communities. Over the years they have built up a strong level of trust, professional acumen and have demonstrated vast social impact. Art4Space work in several mediums including mosaic, painted murals, ceramic and landscaping. A playground mosaic may be made from textural mosaic materials, hoardings surrounding a building site used as a creative space or a community garden developed from wasteland. They are a not for profit Company Limited by Guarantee following a social enterprise model.

They aim to develop a team of community ambassadors who will advocate Art4Space and its services, especially their ‘Social Action Programs’, Volunteer ‘Creative Surgery’ and ‘Why Art Matters’.

This is a fantastic opportunity for life skills learning and to be part of a team that is proactive and interested in community engagement. They will be looking for enthusiasm and commitment!

They will have 3 sets:

1) Child art ambassadors (7-11)

2) Young People art ambassadors (11-25)

3) Community art ambassadors (over 25’s)

Aims : 

1) To enable active ambassadors – give them things to act on, influence, and make happen!

2) To recognise the individuality of each of our ambassadors and connect with their interests.

3) To enable people to use their skills, realise that there’s value in all the people and things they know, and do something very active.
Please submit your applications to :

Or drop by to their new location! Art4Space Community Arts Centre, Unit 1, 31 Jeffreys Road. London. SW4 1DZ

For more information please visit :

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