Building a Creative Nation – Making careers in the creative industry

Building a Creative NationA scheme has been rolled out across the country with a mission to create 50,000 new jobs in the creative sector.

Building a Creative Nation aims to make careers in the creative industry which are available – and accessible – for young people.

The campaign was officially launched last month with a manifesto by Creative & Cultural Skills – the leading voice for youth employment in the creative industries. The scheme received the support of Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Maria Sinclair, the Executive Director at the Arts Council.

The initiative builds on the 15m Arts Council Creative employment programme with the hope that, by 2015, the programme will have successfully supported up to 6,500 new apprenticeships, pre- apprenticeships and paid internships across the creative and cultural sector.

The campaign is currently calling on all of the UK’s 106,700 creative sector employers to recruit a young person to reach the campaign target – 50,000 new jobs.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg voiced his support for the campaign: ‘Internships and taking a ‘learning by doing’ approach is an ancient tradition, one which we are revitalizing as a country. They are becoming increasingly important as a career stepping stone for young people – especially within the creative industries – but opportunities must be distributed on a fair basis.

‘We are increasing scrutiny around how work opportunities are being offered and HMRC will crack down on employers who are not giving our young talent fair access to the creative industries.

‘We punch above our weight when it comes to the creative industries, which are a huge asset to our economy and Creative & Cultural Skills are flinging open the doors to the creative industries, which is a wonderful thing.’

The next annual Building a Creative Nation conference will be in 2014, on the 6 March at the Backstage Centre, Thurrock, opening up the opportunity to share ideas and showcase best practice in creating jobs and developing the skills for the next generation of talent entering the creative industries.

Find out more about Building a Creative Nation and how you can get involved by clicking here.

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