Community Arts Partnership

Community Arts Partnership is one of the leading advocates for community arts in Northern Ireland committed to promoting community arts through a variety of services.

Community Arts Partnership began in 2011 out of New Belfast Community Arts Initiative and Community Arts Forum, and it builds on the success of these two leading community arts organisations.

Community Arts Partnership is committed to championing community arts in the belief that they can positively transform society. They support and collaborate with community groups, schools, artists, community arts, arts centres and other organisations in Northern Ireland and beyond.

Through their work they offer:

  • Arts workshops
  • Information about arts programmes people and communities can take part in
  • Information and research about community arts
  • Training for those interested in developing and running community arts programmes
  • Opportunities to meet, share information and discuss how community arts can help individuals and communities
  • Initiatives to promote and advocate community art

Further Information

Visit Community Arts Partnership:

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