Could your Monkey be the next Monet?

Art by AnimalsTracey Emin move over as the next upcoming artist can be found at the local zoo.

Arts by Animals is the latest exhibition that takes the participatory arts one step further – or arguably one step too far.

Art by Animals runs from the 1 February to 9 March 2012, The Museum is open to the public 1-5pm, Monday to Friday.

An exhibition featuring works of art from several species of animal, including paintings by elephants and apes, starts next week at UCL’s Grant Museum of Zoology in collaboration with a graduate from the UCL Slade School of Fine Art.

Since the mid – 50s zoos have used arts and painting as leisure activities for animals and now it seems like these creative creatures are finally receiving recognition for their masterpieces.

Co-curator Mike Tuck, a graduate of the UCL Slade School of Fine Art said: “We believe the exhibition at the Grant Museum to be the first to exhibit multiple species’ paintings and to attempt to take a broad view of the phenomenon.”

While many species in captivity have interacted with paint, the exhibition aims to ask visitors the question of whether animals can be creative and make art, and why some animal creations are considered valuable and creative, while others are dismissed as meaningless.

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