First Trust Bank: Community Arts Fund

The Community Arts Fund was established by First Trust Bank to provide funding for community arts projects in Northern Ireland.
The fund’s priority is to support community arts projects that involve ethnic minority groups with the aim of integrating communities.


To support grassroots arts initiatives that foster ‘a shared future’ and that promote the inclusion of new immigrants, asylum seekers and their families as well as travellers.

To encourage communities that experience difficulties with cultural and ethnic diversity to use community arts as a way to take up the challenge of social inclusion.

To give community and arts organisations the opportunity to develop small scale, new or innovative inclusive projects that will make a difference at local level.

Projects involving or targeting ethnic minority groups to encourage integration of communities.

Only small scale projects will be considered – this grant is not intended to form a small part of a larger project.
What will be funded:

To apply please complete the online Responsive Grant Making Application form.

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