Hackney demo – putting the politics back into the arts

Call for street theatre, jugglers, installations artists, textile artists, musicians, actors, performers and video makers to join the 21st June National demonstration – No more Austerity- with Hackney Konp and NHS contingent.

Hackney Keep Our NHS Public is inviting all the like-minded artists to join them of the upcoming Saturday 21st June National demonstration and free festival - No more Austerity - for an anti-austerity day of participation, fun and experimentation.

If this is your thing please think about “itinerant” artistic expressions as they need you and your work to march along with the Demo: music, audio, images, digital, acting, jostling, ect. or whatever you think is appropriate.

The topic? “Keep Our NHS Public”.

If you want your project to be visible on the website before the demo, send in a few paragraphs with your idea, an eventual image (if any) and your short bio. WThe organisers are trying to create a network to organise future events. Their first step will be creating a public digital archive on Hackney Konp website with the materials you are sending in, to be enriched with videos and photos including all the artists who is taking part at the National Demo.


Further Information

Organiser: Hackney Keep Our NHS Public  (Hackney Konp)
Where:  National Demo Assemble 1pm, BBC HQ, Portland Place- W1– (Tube: Oxford Circus) -(banner and meeting point to be arranged).

When: Saturday 21st June 2014

Meeting point for the artists: Hackney Keep our NHS public contingent Assembly point (TBC)

After the Demo, join us for a refreshment (TBC)

Contacts and infos: Maria Claudia Bada and Sara Tocchetti: artists@hackneykeepournhspublic.org

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