Healthy Social Creative

Healthy Social Creative offers information and signposting for health professionals working with people affected by long-term conditions.

  • relevant, convincing, research and further information about long-term conditions and arts activities, as well as relevant arts and health initiatives
  • creative activities near to your patients – voluntary arts groups who can provide a sustainable (and often free) route to creative wellbeing for people with long-term conditions.

The site has been written for, and promoted to, grassroots health professionals – occupational therapists, community and district nurses, GPs, care workers and others – a good place to start to raise awareness of the difference that creative activities can make in people’s lives.

They believe that creative activities should be given as much recognition as exercise for the contribution they can make to people’s health and well-being. That can only start if we begin to raise awareness amongst grassroots health professionals  by providing them with practical information and resources.

They also provide arts and crafts groups with information about how they can make their activities more accessible to people affected by long-term conditions.


Further Information

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