mailout: December / January 2011-12

Click here to download a PDF: mailout: December / January 2011-12
The December/January publication has over 50 pages of features, articles and information. Within this issue all our regular features plus:
  • Happy Birthday mailout! Join us for our 20th anniversary as mailout celebrates a marvellous 20 years of being an independent publication. To mark this special occasion we bring back the three great participatory pioneers of the past, Alison Jeffers, Andy Carver and of course, the pathologically optimistic John Fox.
  • Also in this edition we tackle the hard-hitting issue of homelessness. We present to you three fantastic organisations whose hard work and determination has transformed the lives of homeless people, taking them from the shadows of the street to become the stars of the stage.
  • How easy is it to find a participatory arts course in the UK? Admittedly, not very. We go on a mailout mission to give you a taste of the most accessible, and successful, leading participatory arts courses.
  • Plus squeezed inside you’ll find all our mailout regulars including news from NE-Generation, Arts Development UK and CPAL.

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