mailout: June/July 2012

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The June/July publication has over 50 pages of features, articles and information. Within this issue all our regular features plus:
  • Exclusive interview Moira Swinbank OBE: mailout reporter Kajol Lally travels to London to interview the woman behind an almighty 100 arts, cultural and educational projects worldwide. Discover more about the Chief Executive of Legacy trust UK, Moira Swinbank, as we explore her crucial role in reinventing and rediscovering our creative nation in time for the London 2012 Games.
  • Art and Architecture: How can our surroundings influence a great creative movement? mailout presents three exemplary projects that unite people and places. Bedford Creative Arts presents to mailout their largest – and most imaginative – constructions to date – Lace in Place. Artist Marcus Rowlands confesses that he had ‘no idea where this was going…’ when he first bought a book on cardboard architecture for his new project in partnership with architectural practice 2hD Architects. Artist Jeanne van Heeswijk talks about rescuing the town of Anfield from becoming an area of stagnated development, and choreographer and artistic director Filip Van Huffel asks can space influence movement?
  • Creative People and Places Fund, Your Response: It has been commended as a ‘bold way of taking the arts forward’ yet slammed for being an ‘absolute shambles’ – the latest ambitious fund of ACE has triggered a nationwide debate, read the real and very honest thoughts of all those involved.
  • All The World’s My Stage: We take a peek at Contacting the World 2012 and The International Youth Festival which are both set to showcase a fantastic variety of young people’s work this summer. CraftyMoon Theatre and Fumin’ Productions explore their ambitions to capture a new audience with a new era of theatre.
  • Bringing Back the Passion: Project Associate Adele Thomas shares her own personal account of the project which saved a lost and bypassed community in Port Talbot.

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