mailout: September/October 2013

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  •  Arts Council England says that it values the smaller organisations and that NPO status is not about status… so why is it still seen as the badge of honour? mailout explores the relationship between the ACE and non NPOs and asks – are we missing out?
  •  The arts should not be perceived as a commodity, or reduced to a single function, Scotland’s Culture Secretary Fiona Hyslop declared earlier this year. Now Hyslop tells mailout why she stands so passionately by her principles – and her vision – for creativity in Scotland.
  • This year one community arts project made national news, attracting 30,000 visitors and even breaking a world record. Artist and Designer Andrew Crummy tells mailout about The Great Tapestry of Scotland and how the community arts can go beyond the community.
  • The aim behind the Me & Mine Project was simple, to offer young carers an opportunity to focus on their creativity, identity and a time to be young. Arts Connection – Cyswllt Celf shares their meaningful journey with mailout.
  • In a sector overwhelmed with applications for creative jobs there is one area which is still struggling – fundraising. Chief Executive of Arts & Business Cymru, Rachel Jones, talks to mailout about their pioneering Creative Internship Programme.
  • The media for the last few years has been full of stories of economic slumps, lowered disposable incomes and government spending cuts – but what does this mean to the community arts? Clare Oates, MA Community Music postgraduate for the York St John University, provides mailout with her insightful dissertation presenting the experiences faced by community arts groups.
  • Following the success of ‘Flock’ which engaged 5000 participants worldwide, Eden Arts tells mailout about their latest challenge ‘Canopy’ a visual arts project displayed in tree canopies and woodlands throughout the Eden Valley, Cumbria.
  • Does improvisation hold impact? Vicci Riley, a performer and community dance artist shares with mailout the creative process behind improvisation in community dance.
  • All of this, plus our regular features of Talking Through The Arts, Latest News and our Funding round up


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