National Youth Theatre announce Summer 2011 season



The National Youth Theatre of Great Britain (NYT) will take over the Old Vic Tunnels in Waterloo for a month-long season of some of the finest young theatre talent this country has to offer.

Our Days of Rage, written in response to the uprisings across North Africa, the Middle East and Middle England earlier this year, and staged over the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, will run alongside a new version of the ancient Orpheus myth, entitled Orpheus & Eurydice, a myth underground.

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The NYT will also stage SLICK in Sheffield, the second part of their environmental trilogy, which opened IN 2010 with S’WARM at Battersea Power Station and various sites across London.

The plays

Our Days of Rage

Ten years on from 9/11, a generation of actors and writers brought up on fear will mark this anniversary with an urgent response to the unfolding drama in North Africa, the Middle East and Middle England.

UK students try their hand at anarchy while young Arabs fight for the right to protest and are willing to die for their cause. From an Arab Spring to another UK Winter of Discontent; the latest battle in the war on terror is coming to a department store near you.

In 2010, NYT and Shine TV, the production company behind Merlin, teamed up to launch a writing competition aimed at developing new talent for the theatre and television. Called Write to Shine, the competition was open to people aged 17 to 30, and run in conjunction with charity IdeasTap.

For Our Days of Rage, the winners of that competition will combine forces to plot an explosive drama for our time, leading audiences on a riotous journey through the cavernous 2,500 square meters of the Old Vic Tunnels through protests past, present and future.

Orpheus & Eurydice -a myth underground

The story of Orpheus’ descent into the Underworld to rescue his beloved Eurydice is one of the most potent in Classical mythology. Since its earliest incarnations in Greek and Roman folklore, the story has been re-told countless times, from the operas of Monteverdi and Offenbach to the writings of Albert Camus, the films of Francois Truffaut and the theatre of Tennessee Williams.

Young playwright Molly Davies’ modern adaption of the classic myth will be spectacularly staged in the cavernous underworld of the Old Vic Tunnels with a mass ensemble and music.


SLICK will shake up the politics of pollution in a site-specific immersive show with epic choreography and live music.

Inspired by the continued debate on climate change and the global waste epidemic, the audience will be led on a journey to a brave new world.

Staged in Sheffield’s iconic Park Hill Estate, SLICK will combine the NYT’s young talent and expert-led scientific research to create a spectacular large-scale outdoor production.

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