The National Campaign for the Arts is the UK’s only independent organisation campaigning for all the arts.

They work to protect and promote the UK’s world class arts scene and act as an advocate for the sector. With a growing, UK-wide membership, the NCA is driven by the needs of the arts sector. They address these needs in our five core activities:

  • Campaigning
  • Lobbying
  • Empowering
  • Advocacy
  • Research

Current campaigns range from the Arts Manifesto, a vision for the UK arts sector, to Visas and Immigration, fighting on behalf of the arts sector against potential changes to the visa system that prevent talented individuals from performing in the UK, increased costs and complicated procedures. We are even a founder member of a task force looking at immigration policy, and use it, formal submissions and meetings with Home Office officials to consistently campaign against undue burdens on visiting artists and their hosts.

It is also part of the NCA’s role to provide information to politicians and help them better understand the state of the arts, based on what they know from their members.

A fundamental part of their role is to make sure that members understand and are aware of decisions being made about their futures.

The UK Arts Index is a key piece of research that brings together key data about the health of the arts sector. It reveals trends in ticket sales, corporate sponsorship, philanthropic and public sector funding as well as vital performance measures that are often overlooked, such as audience participation and appreciation.



Further Information

Visit the website:

Registered Office:

17 Tavistock Street
Registered no. 1930446 (England)

President: Melvyn Bragg, Chairperson: Richard Turner

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