World Community Arts Day sets a date each year to be creative, however small or big. You can be creative about an issue that you believe promotes “caring and sharing”. You can create a song, dance, piece of  theatre. Or draw, paint, write, make …. anyway that you feel you are creative!

You might have an ongoing project you wish to highlight.

WCAD ask that if you’re participating in an activity or wish to further promote their work that you mark the date on your websites, blogs and share the links.

The aim is to create a world festival society for a day, to illustrate how festival and celebration through art can provide answers.

2013 is the 7th  year and each year it grows. Thousands of people join in and bring many projects from many countries. You can add artwork, music, photos, etc online into a range of social networks.

Further Information

Visit WCAD: www.worldcommunityartsday.com

The next event will be 17th February 2013.

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