Wigan holds Write Out Loud Open Mic Event

The Tudor PeteOn Thursday the 12 May 2011 the Tudor House, Wigan, will be hosting the Write Out Loud Open Mic Event – a night that sets the standard for Performance Poetry by welcoming all participants to bring their poetry to life in a warm, welcoming environment.

Kicking off from 8pm the free Write Out Loud’s Open Mic Event at The Tudor House in Wigan is its own kind of beast. Many comment on the camaraderie, the spontaneity and the atmosphere but none of this would be possible without the poetry. From the newcomers to the stalwarts of Wigan, and those travelling through, The Tudor makes an impression.

Everyone gets on as there is no closed list with each poet having a loose five minutes to perform/read.

The Tudor Write Out Loud event is similar to a poetry social event with poets arriving early, socialising, drinking, and waiting with excitement for the night to start. The event is so special because everyone is as equally connected, represented and valued.

The Tudor House hopes you will venture in Wigan and enjoy this night dedicated to unique creativity.

Comments on The Tudor:

‘Wigan is the ideal place to begin, develop and ultimately enjoy both your own poetry and that of other like minded people’

‘I loved the balance of surreal, serious and comedy – there was something to please all.’

‘The quality of poetry was incredibly high, the friendly welcoming atmosphere was conducive to welcoming newcomers and supportive of its long term members. Great poetry. Great night. What more to say?’

‘I thought last Thursday’s Tudor was excellent. Where else can you go for free entertainment of that standard?’

For more information for Write Out Loud events please visit: http://www.writeoutloud.net/public/index.php

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