Women wanted to celebrate Emmeline Pankhurst’s brithday

Emmeline PankhurstIn 2010 Charlotte Newson created Women Like You, the first contemporary artwork to celebrate Manchester born Emmeline Pankhurst.

The photomosaic portrait of the Leader of the British Suffragette movement is made up of 10,000 individual images of inspiring women – celebrities, mothers, wives, daughters, politicians, scientists – all sent in by members of the public from all corners of the globe.

The original and intricate artwork took Charlotte two years to complete and stands 3 metres high and 2.5 metres wide.

To make the date of Pankhurst’s birth on 14 July (1858), Charlotte is launching a second ambitious collaborative project. The stunning Women Like You artwork has been turned into a virtual birthday card for women to either sign or post their image onto, creating a personal and very public birthday message to the woman whose legacy transformed the lives of women in this country. The e-card Charlotte Newsonwill be displayed on Charlotte’s website www.charlottenewson.com, featuring the names and photographs of women from all over the world.

In addition to the virtual community birthday card Charlotte has created a range of tools to encourage women to take part in or support the project including:

  • A FREE HAPPY BIRTHDAY E-CARD for people to download to send on. The card features some of the lesser-known facts about Emmeline’s life – that she had five children in ten years for example, and size 3.5 feet.
  • A FREE BIRTHDAY KIT that is available to download, featuring Emmeline Pankhurst’s biography, unique images taken her home and personal artefacts (including her parlour), memorable quotes, unusual details of her life and some of the personal stories behind the portrait.  It also features ideas for how individuals, groups and schools might like to celebrate the birth of the leader of the British Suffragette party.

Charlotte says: “The original Women Like You portrait was a hugely moving labour of love for everyone involved and it created a great community of women who wanted to share their stories with the world.  Now, using the internet and social media networks, we’re able to give even more women the opportunity to leave their mark and become part of the Women Like You story with this birthday card tribute to Emmeline Pankhurst.”

Thousands came together to create the suffragette movement, making great sacrifices to ensure that women obtained the vote.  Thousands more came together to create the Women Like You portrait and now Charlotte is hoping that even more women will help to commemorate the inspiration of Emmeline Pankhurst by spreading the work of this campaign to celebrate her birthday on 14th July.

Women are invited to visit: www.charlottenewson.com

To download the free e-card, access the free birthday kit and send in their signature or photographs to: birthday@charlottenewson.com.

All submissions will be monitored before being posted and are subject to approval by the artist.

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